Hand-drawn video: came, saw and bought

Hand-drawn video came to us from the West, like all Internet technologies. He was seen. I liked it. And today, drawn videos are the most effective way to promote, the most effective element of promotion.

Judge for yourself. People once read multi-page selling texts. Ordinary videos with a monotonous or brisk speaker bored and do not touch. And here - the whole action, from which it is impossible to break away!

What is the secret of the success of drawn clips? In simplicity and efficiency. But let's get everything in order.

Doodle video

This is the name of these videos in the original language, from English doodle (dudl) - scribble, pictures in the fields. They look like children's drawings and cling to their simplicity.

But the main thing is that we see them appear! Observing the hand of an artist who is painting a small story in pictures before our eyes is fascinating!

We are always interested in "how they do it." Drawn video allows you to look into the art "kitchen" and peek at the process. Agree, it is difficult to resist natural curiosity.

The effectiveness of hand-drawn videos

extremely high. A short story in pictures unobtrusively conveys to the client (visitor) the idea of ​​your proposal.

Watching the appearance of pictures on the screen, a person is so involved in the process that he watches the video to the end and is longer on the site.

He becomes more loyal and easier to respond to promotional offers.

Hand-drawn videos have a high “virality”. They are willing to share with friends, they are happy to recommend, which inevitably leads to an increase in the number of visitors to your sites and customers of your business.

And this, in turn, significantly increases sales.

How does it look in numbers?

  • time spent on the site increases by 1.5-2 times;
  • conversion increases by 44-69.7%;
  • loyalty to the product (service) is increased by 169%;
  • Sales are increasing on average 4.5 times.

How to order a cartoon video?

Very simple. Fill out an applicationand I will contact you to discuss the details within 36 hours.

P.S. Festive Google search logos are drawn by doodles (very conformably!), The doodle-video has gained popularity in the West, and it is actively used by our top info-businessmen.

Do not waste time! Order the drawn video right now and evaluate its effectiveness!

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