Bad good copywriting

good copywritingWe will agree right away - by copywriting we will understand the writing of any texts. Texts of articles, texts for your video and audio, text ads, etc.

Since you cannot communicate with the readers of your site personally, cannot answer their questions, cannot show the benefits of working with you, looking into their eyes, your texts should do this, in full accordance with the quote from Wikipedia:

Copying (eng.copywriting от copy —...


7 problems newbies in infobusiness and 3 ways to solve them

7 problems newbies in infobusinessIf you are in the infobusiness recently, then you inevitably face problems - different and many. Let's see what these problems are, how they are solved and what to do to avoid their appearance in the future.

It is the ability to solve emerging problems that will lead you to success in general and in info-business, in particular. So, let's begin.

Problem number 1. Information overload

Having received the information, you are not implementing it, but continue to look for certain chips, subtleties, secrets, without which you should not start your business on the Internet (what do you think) ...