Olga Chernyavskaya
Head of the Internet project Lady Expo

I ordered a trial site audit and did not regret

Svetlana conducted, one might say, a thorough audit, starting with usability and ending with tracking statistics. Very lucidly "laid everything out on the shelves," focused on the shortcomings that need to be addressed first. She suggested how to increase traffic to the site, what to do by SEO-optimization, etc. Qualified answered all my questions.

I recommend Svetlana as an experienced specialist who knows her business.
Thank you again for the work done!


oleg-kudaktinOleg Kudaktin
coach and career development consultant
Russia Moscow
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I got a lot of interesting ideas to improve the image of the project.

Svetlana, I enjoyed working with you. I especially want to point out your honesty in what you say in advance, what you can and what not.
I received many interesting ideas from you to improve the image of the project, increase conversion even before I decided to cooperate with you, and partially introduced on the website what it was possible to implement.

Unfortunately, the nethouse platform does not allow to apply most of your suggestions, however, your professional outlook and willingness to share your knowledge was very appealing to me and in the future, when I launch new projects, perhaps on the wordpress platform, I plan ask you for services.

I consider your work, your style of communication with clients valuable and useful.

I wish you success!


igor-240x290Igor Zorin
Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk
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Her experience and responsibility when working on a project unambiguously guarantee the achievement of a goal.

Need to increase sales from the site?
Do you need a conversion boost?
Then I congratulate you!

You have found the specialist who will qualitatively solve the issues of optimizing a web-resource in order to increase the economic efficiency of your business.

Svetlana - a professional with a capital letter. Her experience and responsibility when working on a project unambiguously guarantee the achievement of a goal. Each project, whether it is filling the site with content or a comprehensive audit, is carried out carefully and efficiently.

I am pleased to recommend you, a colleague, Svetlana to perform work on the analysis of site effectiveness, design optimization and quality improvement of the usability of your resource.


gabriellaGabriella Razmadze
Russia Moscow
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She even helped in those issues that were outside the designated topic.

For several years now I have been working on several sites, including selling ones, but for some reason the promotion is too imperceptible. I began to look for an opportunity to get a competent hint and decided to seek advice. I conceived another big project and needed help to make it according to the rules.

Of all those with whom I consulted, I received the greatest benefit from consultation and audit of Svetlana Novikova.

It is immediately felt that she knows her business, is competent in these matters, perfectly explains the essence of the problem, is intelligent, which is important for me. I received clear and precise answers and practical advice for my questions.

She pointed out the most important thing needed for increasing sales, expanding, organizing and promoting these:
1. the convenience of the site for visitors
2. competent copywriting,
3. connection of scripts and statistics,
4. optimization code and so on.

I liked working with Svetlana, and I ordered a comprehensive audit of two more sites.
I recommend it, because besides literacy and responsibility, it helped even in those issues that were outside the designated topic. For which I am especially grateful.

She can be trusted because she is responsible and conscientious. I recommend to contact her for an audit in order to relieve yourself of all possible concerns about your business.

Dear Svetlana, thank you and I wish you a great promotion and a large number of grateful clients.

Sincerely, Gabriella.


JohanJohann Konrad
professional finance advisor
Germany, Osnabrück
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... her hand is light and lucky!

I sincerely want to thank Svetlana for the excellent work, professional approach and competent qualified assistance in creating the video and further promoting my order on the Internet! The perseverance and perseverance of this man deserve respect. I have heard only one answer to all my requirements or changes to the script of the cartoon video - I’ll do it now! And really - it was done very quickly!

After completing the order, you also need to “send the right way ...” again to Svetlana! Even here she clearly and professionally suggested what to do and how, and helped to accomplish everything, offering several options to choose from and explaining how each of them differs from the other.

Working together with such a partner is a great pleasure!

I can only give positive recommendations and look forward to further fruitful cooperation!

Good luck, Svetlana !!!

P.S. I can add - her hand is light and lucky! Check it out for yourself!


George KorendyasevGeorge Korendyasev
Russia Moscow
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She did not just formally complete the TK items, but let it pass through her head and heart.

I am very grateful to Svetlana for the wonderful preaching site she made for us.

She managed to give me an understanding of how it should look, and turn a very vague technical task into a logical, beautiful and complete site. She did not just formally complete the TK items, but let it pass through her head and heart.

Another quality of Svetlana, which I wanted to mention - is patience. For all the time of communication with her, I did not see a shadow of dissatisfaction, despite the flow of incompetent questions on my part.

More than a month has passed since the last payment for the site, but Svetlana continues to advise us on administration, finalize the site and help with finding specialists for a related project. Her professionalism combined with excellent human qualities leads to the best result.

With all my heart I thank Svetlana and wish her new creative success!