about the project

This resource was created with the only goal is to make your websites profitable, teach website owners how to recoup their investments and increase profits without additional traffic.

My name is Svetlana Novikova. 5 years ago I came to the internet business. I sat down for books, studied the HTML language and created my first website. It was a fun piece. Since I had a weak idea of ​​promotion and promotion, nothing shone my site, and I abandoned it.

Then she got involved in creating blogs on the WordPress platform, and, moreover, the technical side of this business. Apparently, my technical education played a role. I created several of my own blogs and sites for friends, helped and even now I help with technical issues of site building.

Gradually, the understanding came that the blog, which is often immaculate from the technical side, is not attractive to visitors. They do not linger on such resources, do not subscribe, do not order, do not buy ...

But after all the absolute majority of sites are created for earnings! So they must sell!

Again, I sat down to study, shoveled mountains of information, went through 5 trainings, found mentors and started advising owners of commercial sites. She conducted over 70 audits of varying degrees of complexity.

Currently I spend audits of commercial sites and advice to their owners to increase sales. I do WordPress sitesmake technical support and consulting. I am a full member of the International Association of Marketing Website Development Consultants.