The end of the torment, or How to set up your website for sale

Most Internet entrepreneurs live with illusions that it is enough to make a website, publish it on the Internet, and it will heal with its life, and income will flow in a river ...

And no. The presence of the site itself does not guarantee sales. Beautiful design - not a guarantee of high profits. The "Order" button in the most visible place will remain unpressed if ... your site is not configured.

You are setting up a computer for yourself, so that it is functional and fast, so that it meets your requirements and solves the problems you need. Without it, it will be just an expensive desktop decoration.

So the site without setting will be only a line on your business card or another sheet nailed to the fence of the Internet.

How to set it up, you ask? Watch this video.

If you are tired of being alone to worry about the question: “Why doesn't my site sell?” order an audit and site setup by a specialist! This had to do yesterday!

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