The effectiveness of advertising: look and ... do not see?

advertising efficiencyDo you advertise your products and services on the Internet?
How much do you spend on advertising every month?
And she brings a lot of visitors?
And the last question: how effective is your advertising?

I think the findings of one study will help those who conduct business on the Internet, increase the impact of their advertising campaigns and reduce advertising budgets.

Looking for the right information people sees only that which corresponds to his purpose, and misses the fact that at the moment his interests and goals are not responding. So our brain is protected from information overload. He ignores articles about anything, long subscription forms and ... advertising messages.

When people watch ads, what do they see?

Reliable fact: site visitors view only a third of the advertising on the pages. They scan information, snatching the necessary from the stream of texts and pictures.

Scientists have conducted a study among Internet users, tracking the movements of their eyes, and got amazing results. It turns out that advertising with cool graphics, animation and visual effects attracts less attention than a simple advertising text. In this experiment, the participants stated the exact opposite.

Internet advertising effectiveness rating

The researchers made the following conclusions about the effectiveness of online advertising: people browsing

  • 88% of ads that match in style with the design of the site. This indicates confidence in the information on the site.
  • 52% text advertising. Do not be surprised, not very long text creates the impression of ease and simplicity of obtaining information (think about the effectiveness of contextual advertising).
  • 51% of graphic advertising with separate image and text. People like pictures and legible text.
  • 34% of graphic advertising with text on the image. Such advertising is read only on a textured background.
  • 29% of animated ads. Animation, of course, catches the eye, but more often it still annoys.

Conclusion: you need to leave creativity to art and attract customers well-read sentences, short, simple and understandable.

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