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The end of the torment, or How to set up your website for sale

Most Internet entrepreneurs live with illusions that it is enough to make a website, publish it on the Internet, and it will heal with its life, and income will flow in a river ...

And no. The presence of the site itself does not guarantee sales. Beautiful design - not a guarantee of high profits. The "Order" button in the most visible place will remain unpressed if ... your site is not configured.

You are setting up a computer for yourself, so that it is functional and fast, to meet your requirements and solve the problems you need ...


More reviews good and different!

reviews are good and differentSurely you have heard that customer reviews posted on the site have a positive effect on its image, increase customer loyalty and contribute to increased sales. It really is.

Feedback from the site visitor is an idea of ​​you and decides whether you can be trusted. It’s one thing when you yourself tell about your product, and another when you tell about it who used this product and got the result ...