More reviews good and different!

reviews are good and differentSurely you have heard that customer reviews posted on the site have a positive effect on its image, increase customer loyalty and contribute to increased sales. It really is.

Feedback from the site visitor is an idea of ​​you and decides whether you can be trusted. It’s one thing when you yourself tell about your product, and another when you tell about it who used this product and got the result.

In the feedback from your customers, readers can find answers to their questions that were not found on the site. This builds confidence and makes visitors more receptive to your suggestions. Agree, decisions are made much easier when there are no questions and there is nothing to argue.

Reviews raise your self-esteem - it's nice when you are thanked for the work done and are recommended as a professional in your field.

How many reviews should there be?

The bigger, the better. In this question the saying “Porridge cannot be spoiled with butter” fits in perfectly.

How to post reviews correctly?

On a separate page, with the name and contact details of the one who left a review. People should be able to contact the author and personally ask him about your product (service). And always with a photo! A person without a face is trusted less.

What reviews to post?

Truthful. Real. Diverse.

1. Reviews from different age people. Many people are afraid to start something by discouraging the words "I am still young (already old) for this." Age is no reason at all not to start a new one, not to try oneself on something that I have never done before.

2. Reviews from people of different professions and occupations. This will affect those who are stopped by the thought “This is not mine.” Well, how can a housewife blog on esoterica? Or retired to teach the art of photography? Yes, just! They take and do it.

3. Feedback from people who received the result. Most do not believe promises and want evidence that your product (service) works at all.

4. Feedback from people who got an unexpected result.. There are those who start doing something, not expecting anything special. And get great results! Such examples cause a strong desire to do the same.

5. Reviews with humor. These reviews are needed for a change, so that your site is not very dry and business.

Finishing this article, I want to give one more advice: do not write reviews yourself. Real stories of real people work best! Otherwise, the reader will immediately understand that the reviews are written with one hand, and then your reputation and trust in you will collapse overnight.

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