The end of the torment, or How to set up your website for sale

Most Internet entrepreneurs live with illusions that it is enough to make a website, publish it on the Internet, and it will heal with its life, and income will flow in a river ...

And no. The presence of the site itself does not guarantee sales. Beautiful design - not a guarantee of high profits. The "Order" button in the most visible place will remain unpressed if ... your site is not configured.

You are setting up a computer for yourself, so that it is functional and fast, to meet your requirements and solve the problems you need ...


Hand-drawn video: came, saw and bought

Hand-drawn video came to us from the West, like all Internet technologies. He was seen. I liked it. And today, drawn videos are the most effective way to promote, the most effective element of promotion.

Judge for yourself. People once read multi-page selling texts. Ordinary videos with a monotonous or brisk speaker bored and do not touch. And here - the whole action, from which it is impossible to break away!

What is the secret of the success of drawn clips? In simplicity and efficiently ...